Wrist and Hand Problem

Degenerative changes, inflamed tendons and compression on nerves are the most common causes of wrist pain.

Carpal tunnel is a condition whereby the median nerve is compressed as it passes through the carpal tunnel causing significant pain at night, altered sensation and in severe cases atrophy (wasting) of the intrinsic muscles of the thumb.

Degenerative changes can occur in any articulating surfaces of the many wrist and hand joints however this is more commonly seen within the Carpometacarpal joint(CMC) and Metacarpophalangeal joint (MCP) of the thumb.

Tendinopathies are common in individuals with repetitive jobs. Typically tendons that run over the top of the thumb are most commonly involved these can cause a pain response with use of the thumb.

Tendon problems such as trigger finger is a condition whereby the finger or thumb locks in towards the palm of the hand. This can be both annoying and painful and can severely limit function.

For best management it is important that a correct diagnosis is established. The exercises shown are basic movements to ensure the joint is taken through a complete range of motion and functional strength is maintained. For the best health of the hand it is important to work on what we call the intrinsic muscles, by practicing these simple movements and working the muscles the hand can preserve best function and minimise further tissue irritation. Please consult with your healthcare practitioner if symptoms fail to improve.