Rotator Cuff Disease

The rotor cuff is a series of tendons that help hold the shoulder joint together. With trauma they can get torn, with age they do degenerate and damage can occur. Often with a degenerative rotor cuff the person is more likely to then suffer with a degree of shoulder impingement.

A full tear to the rotor cuff will result in a loss of strength and the individual will have limited function, with or without significant pain.

An ultrasound scan can help to show the tissue damage and confirm diagnosis. In the early stages a torn rotor cuff tendon can be considered for surgery. Degenerative tears don’t typically respond well to surgery as the tissues are often too thin to suture back together.

The exercises in this section are geared more towards a person with a partial tear. This would typically be someone who has weakness but a good range of movement. Please remember not to push too hard in the early stages as it is important you do not make a partial tear even bigger.