Shoulder Problem

The shoulder joint is a very mobile structure and when functioning well it allows us to position our hands so that we can perform a variety of tasks. From common daily activities such as washing and dressing to the physical demands of work, through to the extreme requirements of high level sport. If however our shoulders fail to function correctly then our quality of life is affected.

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint, the ball is about the size of a golf ball and the socket is swallow and not much bigger than a two pence piece. Consequently, this design, whilst permitting a vast range of movement is very unstable. To keep the joint together we have a range of tendons called the rotor cuff and a complex arrangement of muscles to provide stability and power.

Just as with any joint, if these structures are damaged, worn or irritated then a mechanical and inflammatory pain response can be initiated.

It is recommended that a tissue based diagnosis is established prior to exercises. This diagnosis will help you to select from the list of common shoulder pathology’s. If you have any doubt a profession assessment and ultrasound scan can help clarify the true nature of your problem.