Postural Dysfunction

Pain and irritation from a cervical spine postural dysfunction is common.

The head weighs on average 5 kgs (12 lbs) and are held in a functional position throughout our awakened hours.

Simply imagine holding a 5kg weight in your hand all day long. Your arm would ache very quickly.

Consequently the condition of our neck muscles and the position we hold our heads in, is of significant importance. Not all pain experiences have origin in a clearly identifiable tissue pathology. Most in fact are from a collection of tissue strain, inflammation and low level but continued irritation.

If you read a book from your lap, or constantly tilt your head up to look at other people or a computer screen, then after several weeks, months or years your neck tissues are likely to complain.

Many people ignore the initial complaint, or cover up the message of pain with medication. If however the cause of irritation remains uncorrected then it is likely the pain message will increase.

Prevention is always the best pathway of care and therefore the exercises and advice provided in this section could and should be performed by everyone. Pain or no pain, it is simply best practice.