Neck Problem

The cervical spine (neck) consists of 7 vertebral bodies, exiting nerves, intervertebral discs and surrounding musculature. Problems with the neck are common, including potential damage/irritation to the facet joints, discs and nerves. Where the nerves are affected the pain can radiate down one/both of the arms to give an altered sensation that often disturbs sleep.

Nevertheless ‘real’ nerve root compression is rare and as long as the patient does not have loss of upper limb function then it is unlikely that any escalation of care is needed at this time. The need for spinal intervention remains low amongst the general population.

Consequently the most common and effective treatments focus around exercises to maintain muscle support, changes in postural habits and modification of activities. Please progress through these exercises at your own individual pace taking time to ensure that correct technique is maintained. If you develop any loss of upper limb function or persisting loss of sensation please consult with your healthcare professional immediately.