Meniscal Injury (Cartilage).

The meniscus is a fibrocartilaginous structure divided into a lateral and medial compartment. The meniscus is situated on articulating surface of the tibia and provides structural integrity to the knee giving a cushioning  affect when it undergoes tension and torsion.

A tear of the meniscus is relatively common. Traumatic forces encountered in sports or other forms of physical activity can damage the cartilage causing a tear, this action is typically a twisting movement at the knee while the foot is fixed. Tears can also develop due to ‘wear and tear’, as we age the hydration of the cartilage decreases making the cartilage more prone to subsequent pathology.

The good news is that a high proportion of meniscal tears do not require surgery (especially in the elderly) and can be managed effectively following a rehabilitation programme. The aim of these exercises is to maintain joint stability and efficient joint kinematics allowing the damaged structures to heal. Please progress through these exercises at your own individual pace.

If your develop any inherent instability at the knee / ‘giving way’ or find that your knee becomes regularly locked in a particular position it is advised to seek advice from your healthcare practitioner.