Knee Osteoarthritis

The knee joint is prone to degenerative changes and for many peolpe their knee will show signs of wear and tear as they get older. With early signs of pain and stiffness to more advanced degenerative changes causing a loss of function, limited range of movement and severe pain; there are always ways to make improvements. Strength and alignment and cushioning of the joint via appropriate footwear are all factors that can be addressed. If the joint is swollen and inflamed then injection therapy to remove excessive fluid and the administration of steroids, can help ease symptoms. The exercises in this section will help to develop your best strength and it is essential that you pay attention to alignment and technique.

Research has proven that for any level of joint degeneration, if the supporting muscles are strengthened then the pain experience will be reduced and the level of activity that a person can perform will be increased.

Don’t forget footwear. Trainers and cushioned soled shoes do help to minimise the impact stress through all joints in the lower limbs and spine!