Knee Problem

Knee problems are common because of the mechanical strain that they have to cope with. This is increased dramatically in sports and jobs with repetitive weight bearing movements.

The joint is a hinge joint designed to bend and straighten. The biggest risk to good function occurs when the joint has to manage rotational strain and forces which take it out of alignment. Many ladies for example move with their knees rotated inwards, this postural issue will over the  years cause irritation, degeneration and a pain warning.

In traumatic injuries the joint can be forced into rotation and this can result in significant tissue damage. As with all sections in MSK 360, an accurate diagnosis is required to ensure rehabilitation is appropriate for your condition.

The best management for the conditions listed in this section all have a similar focus; alignment, strength and functional patterns of movement. Remember that the knee joints position will in part be determined by your foot and ankle and your hip. Consequently many of the exercises for rehabilitation include the whole lower limb and require good core stability to ensure best alignment is attained.