Psoas dysfunction

The psoas muscle is a key muscle in linking our upper and lower body. Good function of this muscle is therefore essential for pain free walking, running and even sleep.

Because many of us spend long periods of time in seated activities, the psoas muscle can become short, inactive and/or weakened.

When shortened the muscle will exert significant force on our lumbar spine. When weakened we will use more dynamic muscles to hold posture, straining the back muscles or over using the anterior thigh muscles and hamstrings. Any tension in these muscles compromises our ability to move freely.

The psoas is a key part of our deep structural ability. Psoas dysfunction will contribute, or potentially be the causative factor in many hip and back problems. It will absolutely decrease sporting performance and earlier onset of fatigue.

Whether you have been diagnosed with a psoas dysfunction or not, these exercises are good to perform to ensure you remain in the best of health.