Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain typically involves damage to the lateral ligaments of the ankle from an inversion type injury ( foot is forced inwards). These type of injuries typically occur when walking on uneven surfaces or stepping down from a curb or step without neutral alignment at the ankle. The pain is commonly isolated to the outside part of the ankle following the accident and it is rare for more serious signs of ankle sprains to manifest. Possible complications include a fracture, dislocation,sever damage to the deltoid ligaments (inside part of the ankle) or syndesmosis (high ankle sprain) though these type of injuries are relatively rare in the general population.

The good news is that the majority of ankle sprains will heal with time and only a small proportion of injuries need onward referral typically reserved for those with complications. The exercises shown here aim to reduce neuromuscular inhibition to the contractile structures around the ankle, reduce proprioceptive deficits allowing for optimum muscle recruitment/stability and awareness of a neutral foot position to support the damaged structures while the healing process occurs as well as reducing the risk of future injuries.

Please progress through these exercises at your own individual rate paying a particular interest to technique, in symptoms fail to improve, have a persisting inability to weight bear or feel the ankle is unstable please consult with your healthcare professional for the most suitable management.