Achilles Tendinopathy

Achilles tendon problems are common and can be very frustrating. They are a difficult condition to management effectively and recovery is often a slow process. Even the best athletes in the world find this a difficult problem to manage despite all available medical services.

When the problem first starts it is important to rest and ice. Ultrasound scan can identify the presence of blood vessels within the tendon. The extent of these blood vessels, termed neovascularisation, is linked with the severity of the condition.

To attempt distance walking or sports training when the condition is acute will delay recovery. Injection therapy can help reduce inflammation and suppress the neovascularisation, but is not a substitute for rest.

Once the initial immune response has settled then rehabilitation can begin. The exercises need to be followed in accordance with time. It is also essential that all causative factors are addressed. If you are a runner with this problem then footwear and running bio-mechanics will need to be checked.